Rome is a city that offers many opera performances and concerts. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to choose for a given evening. The wealth and variety on offer can give you a headache, so we offer a few tips.

Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The number of attractions can be overwhelming, so what attractions can you choose to have fun and not go crazy?

Each city has its own unique charm in the evening. Illuminated architectural elements and wonderful lighting bring out a new view, impossible to capture in daylight. Rome is one of the most beautiful European capitals, whose charm is even greater after dark.

Italy is a country that has played one of the most important roles in the history of opera. It was here that the most famous operas and the most famous opera composers were created. We can still admire the legacy of centuries of great Italian opera in many opera theaters around the world. When in Italy, it is worth hearing Italian opera in places that are steeped in Italian history, climate and unique character.

“La donna è mobile, qual piuma al vento” – Woman is fickle like a feather in the wind. That’s the first verse of a broadly popular opera aria. It was performed, among others, by the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti, used in commercials and movies, and sung from Italian balconies during the lockdown. But only a few know the whole history behind Rigoletto – the opera from which this catchy tune comes.

Rome is a perfect idea for a city getaway with your beloved woman or man. When you type what to do in Rome, you’ll get dozens of suggestions. But how to pick these extremely romantic ones and make this trip truly unforgettable for your better half?

Operas delight us with the complexity of characters, their actions, motives, qualities, and emotions. Love, kindness, and devotion intersperse with revenge, slyness, and despair. In short – opera is life, and our life is an opera.

If you are an opera enthusiast, you probably know that this genre originated in Italy. It’s a homeland for the most famous composers such as Rossini, Puccini, and Verdi. But do you know which ones of their works are called the greatest operas of all time? Today, let’s get you acquainted with 4 Italian operas worth watching!

Apollo, who was a deity in Greco-Roman mythology, fell head over heels in love with Daphne – a beautiful nymph. Unfortunately, she wasn’t interested at all – despite Apollo being the most handsome god.

L'apprezzamento dell'architettura sacra è parte integrante di ogni viaggio a Roma. Questa straordinaria città italiana ospita più di 900 chiese!

Nell'agosto 2021, durante la tournée europea, i nostri artisti dell'Opera da Camera di Roma hanno avuto l'onore di partecipare a "Dzień Dobry TVN", il programma di intrattenimento più popolare in Polonia.