The concert is dedicated to the famous opera artist – Farinelli and the creation of composers whose masterpieces were performed by Farinelli.

Apart from the most renowned opera arias performed by Farinelli, the concert will also present instrumental pieces of outstanding baroque and classical composers such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Canon Pachelbel, and Overture from Mozart's Don Giovanni opera.

Farinelli is one of the last great neuters in the history of the opera. In the days of baroque, i.e. the period of the greatest flourishing of the opera, women's public performances were banned; hence Farinelli was cast in roles in which angelic female voices were required.

During our concert, songs performed in the past by Farinelli will be presented by a talented (soprano) soloist. You are welcome to a musical journey to the XVIII-century of baroque and classicism.


  1. W. A. Mozart "Don Giovani" - ouverture
  2. J. Pachelbel "Canon"
  3. G. F. Händel "Serse" - Frondi tenere / Ombra mai fu
  4. A. Vivaldi "Four seasons" - Autumn
  5. G. F. Händel "Rodelinda" - Dove sei amato bene
  6. W. A. Mozart "Requiem" - lacrimosa
  7. G. F. Händel "Rinaldo" - Armida dispietata / Lascia ch’io pianga
  8. R. Broschi "Artaserse" - Son qual nave ch’agitata
  9. R. Broschi "Idaspe" - Ombra fedele anch’io
  10. D. Scarletti Sonata in D minor
  11. G. F. Händel "Rinaldo" - Cara sposa
  12. A. Corelli "Concerti grosso"
  13. G. Pergolessi "Sabat mater dolorosa" instrumental
  14. A. Vivaldi "Four seasons" - Winter
  15. C. Monteverdi "L’Orfeo" - ouverture