Each city has its own unique charm in the evening. Illuminated architectural elements and wonderful lighting bring out a new view, impossible to capture in daylight. Rome is one of the most beautiful European capitals, whose charm is even greater after dark.

So what is worth doing in Rome in the evening?


See the Colosseum

Thanks to artificial lighting, this popular attraction, visiting the Colosseum, becomes an extraordinary experience. Night tours are possible both outside and inside with a guide.


Visit the Imperial Forums

The illuminated ancient ruins are one of the most picturesque sights in Rome. It is worth taking a walk around the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Augustus, which will allow you to discover a new, mysterious face of the ancient world.


A walk around Trastevere

The unique atmosphere of the district and a large selection of bars and restaurants encourage visitors to visit it at night. Lively streets and full restaurants encourage residents and tourists to relax with good wine or a drink. It is also worth trying classic Roman delicacies.


A stroll through Roman squares

Viewing the magnificent Roman squares is a completely free and unique experience that becomes even more attractive after dark. Especially in the summer months, when it is sweltering during the day, a night walk seems to be the perfect idea to see outstanding Roman architecture. Apart from the famous St. Square Peter's Square, it is worth seeing Pizza Navona, Capitoline, Venetian and Spanish Squares, as well as Piazza Bocca della Verità with the famous Mouth of Truth.


Visit Castel Sant'Angelo

Staying on the topic of night sightseeing, it is worth going to Angel's Castle. The monumental shape, the bridge leading over the river in which the entire building is reflected, is a perfect idea for picturesque photos from your stay in Rome.


See the view of the city from Gianicolo Hill

The city of Rome is situated on hills, of which the Gianicolo hill is worth mentioning. When going for a walk around Trastevere, it is worth climbing this picturesque hill and seeing the stunning panorama of the city from the observation deck.


Go to an Italian music concert

If you want to feel the truly Italian atmosphere of the evening city, it is worth going to an opera concert, which is a great idea to spend the evening both for two or in a larger group. Such concerts are offered by Opera Da Camera in Roma, which organizes concerts of opera and classical music in the Waldesian Church and the Methodist Church. Additionally, you can buy an opera concert combined with a tasting of Roman cuisine in a nearby restaurant.