Rome is a perfect idea for a city getaway with your beloved woman or man. When you type what to do in Rome, you’ll get dozens of suggestions. But how to pick these extremely romantic ones and make this trip truly unforgettable for your better half?

Browse accommodations and book plane tickets, because we’re going to give you a guide to the most magical and romantic experiences in Rome!

Relaxing strolls in aesthetic surroundings – Rome for couples

Taking a walk together is ideal leisure for couples – you have uninterrupted time with your partner holding your hand, and, which is even more important, you both engage in a physical activity that benefits your mood and health. When in Rome, spend most of your time outside walking – you’ll pay less for public transport and truly experience the city atmosphere.

Where to take a romantic stroll that will remind you of how much you cherish spending time together? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Villa Borghese gardens – it’s a large and beautiful public green area with dazzling architecture and eye-catching monuments and fountains. If admiring architecture and plants won’t be interesting enough, you can contemplate art in one of the museums, e.g. Galleria Borghese.
  • The Trastevere – narrow lanes, old churches, quaint cafés, crowded squares, street musicians. You can find all of them, wandering in the medieval district of Rome – Trastevere.
  • Lungotevere – along the Tiber riverbank, there’s a charming long boulevard where you’ll see picturesque bridges and muraglioni – massive retaining walls. Although the Tiber flows through the city centre, the waterfront is peaceful and quiet.

Sightseeing from a horse-carriage

When you’re both tired of walking, consider taking a romantic ride on a traditional horse-drawn carriage. A nice slow pace will let you admire Roman landmarks without a rush. Comfy carts are perfect for hugging couples who enjoy a lovely time with each other.

There are several horse-drawn carriage tours you can book online, depending on the places you want to visit and the amount of money you want to spend. Plan it in advance and surprise your partner!

Sailing trip on the Tiber River

A cruise along the Tiber will let you experience the capital city with its ancient bridges and grand buildings from yet another perspective. If you want to add even more magic to your getaway, choose a boat trip at sunset or a cruise with dinner, wine bar, live music, or other exceptional attraction. Boat stops are located in various places – you can get on board during the stroll in Lungotevere.

See the best opera in Rome with your other half

Roman tradition, history, and beauty are conveyed not only by architecture, cuisine, art, or nature. One of the most important channels of Italian heritage is the Italian Opera Lirica Roma. If you want to make your evening date really special, invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to a unique opera concert in Rome.

Every Saturday in the Waldensian Church and every Sunday in the Methodist Church you’ll listen to the most famous opera arias, Neapolitan songs, such as O sole mio, and other classic melodies. So buy Rome opera tickets, wear your best clothes, cherish the beauty of Italian music, and dine on the rooftop terrace after the performance – go 100% romantic!